Auction Services

Baker & Bellis Auctioneers offers you a licensed auctioneer and certified appraiser, a professional staff, and an experience that will help you understand why the auction method of selling is so popular. From our pre-auction set-up, to our auction day proficiency and our after auction service with closing and settlement, we are confident we offer you the best services available. Any licensed auctioneer can legally sell your items, but they cannot deliver the auction day advantage and after auction service that Baker & Bellis Auctioneers does. See our Testimonials Page from past clients who have used our services.

In choosing any of these auction formats, Baker & Bellis Auctioneers can provide you with confidence that your auction will be a great success from beginning to end.

Full Service Auction

Baker & Bellis Auctioneers will do a full organization, set up, tear down, and general clean up for your auction. We provide all the boxes, staff, materials, and know-how to allow your items to bring the most at auction. Clients who choose a Full Service Auction may not feel comfortable doing set up for an auction on their own, may not have time to do their own organization and set-up, or may not live in the area of the auction. Baker & Bellis Auctioneers offers our own staff who will box, arrange, and categorize items pre-auction, work the auction, and clean up any post auction boxes or general garbage left behind by people attending your auction. We will need a key or security code pre-auction for a Full-Service Auction, and will return the key with your Final Settlement to whomever you designate. You can feel confident that Baker & Bellis Auctioneers will promote and follow through with a successful auction. Visit our Testimonials Page for past clients' thoughts.

Client Organized Auction

This type of auction is for clients who have attended MANY auctions and are very knowledgeable in their items and auction organization methods. The client will organize and label all their items. Baker & Bellis Auctioneers will check in periodically to view the items to become familiar with them, as well as to check progress and do any pre-auction tailoring needed.

Auctioneer-Client Team Auction

This type of auction is somewhere in between a Full Service Auction and a Client Organized Auction. At times our clients want to be involved in the auction process, but just aren't sure exactly what to do, or they don't have enough help to get the auction set up on their own before auction day. Bill and our staff can help you understand how and with what items/areas you can help us set up and organize your auction depending on your own abilities. Baker & Bellis Auctioneers will still lead your auction set-up, but you may be able to help us along the way.

And Remember!

Any auctioneer can sell at auction, but doing it right is what we do best.

Call us for all your auction needs!